surveillance systems for businesses.


"I would recommend Hero Security and Surveillance and Brian Levy without hesitation. The company understands what it takes to work in a hospital setting and delivers effective solutions on time and on budget. The surveillance solution designed and implemented by them has already reduced the monthly number of security incidents dramatically. Hero Security has exceeded my expectations. I work with law enforcement agencies and they are also very impressed by the quality of work they have done. 

Angelica Rivera, Security Manager at Kern Medical


surveillance systems for businesses.


"I have had the pleasure to work with Brian Levy and Hero Security since 2007 and have always found him to be a consummate professional who delivers projects on-time and on-budget. No matter the level of challenge a project might present, Brian Levy has the technical experience and security background to deliver the right solution. Brian's knowledge base is diverse and well rounded and he can even build custom products for us when the need arises. I would enthusiastically recommend Brian and his team for any size project. 

Dusty Colvard, IT Site Manager at Adventist Health


surveillance systems for businesses.


"Hero Security and Brian Levy blew away my expectations. My project needs were complex and difficult, but nonetheless Hero rose to the challenge and delivered the project on budget. What more can you ask for? 

Paul Amato, Witt's Everything for the Office



surveillance systems for businesses.


"I have contracted Brian for numerous years for many security and major projects. I trust his judgment, assessments and competency. He is honest, trustworthy and possesses the highest integrity. He is innovative and creative while always focused on the best possible solution and results. He has friendly demeanor and an ability to socially integrate with any culture, group or organization always creating a positive atmosphere. I highly recommend Brian for any sensitive project requiring minimal oversight and the highest achievable results. 

Monte Gould, IMTT

Hero Security is a California-based full-service security technology company. Our specialties include high performance security cameras, photoelectric motion sensors, surveillance footage review, and image/video enhancement.

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hospital surveillance, surveillance systems for businesses. hospital surveillance, surveillance systems for businesses.

Our Clients

Our clients include hospitals, industrial complexes, warehouses, pharmacies, mines, alternative energy farms and large houses of worship. No matter what your surveillance needs, we will be happy to offer a consultation and help you create a realistic surveillance solution.

hospital surveillance, surveillance systems for businesses.


We understand how to work within these specialized areas and understand HIPAA, OSHPOD, and Sterile Control; our innovative staff can help you plan and implement security measures that will follow all privacy requirements while still keeping your staff, patients and equipment safe. We have a successful track record working in large California hospitals and look forward to discussing your specific security goals.

Hero Security does not believe in one-size-fits-all surveillance, we customize our security plan to meet the needs of individual clients and our experience in the medical facility surveillance field makes us uniquely qualified to design and implement the best possible strategy.

Our clients include: Antelope Valley Hospital, Kern Medical Center, and Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley. We are comfortable working in multi=building facilities and can create an overall security plan to ensure the safety of your entire facility

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ELLA will change Video Search FOREVER

Ella is a google-style search engine developed specifically for the security vertical. With Ella your existing network video recorder just gained a whole new ability. With Internet speed, Ella can pull up your recorded video and display video based on search terminology. Tell Ella you are looking for an F-150 pickup truck, and instantly all the video with an F-150 pickup in it is shown. Click on the thumbnail and it will play a video clip. What this means is video can be searched quickly and within minutes. Ella can recognize car models, hair colors, clothing colors, and any text on trucks or cars. Set up alerts for motion with built in video analytics that allows Ella to give notifications when someone crosses your perimeter. What’s best is that Ella keeps learning. With the click of the mouse Ella keeps learning to recognize new items. Over time, Ella keeps getting smarter.

Our Products

Our security products are the best available and are chosen with one goal in mind: the safety of our clients. Our products have aided our clients in the arrest and prosecution of numerous criminals. We specialize in matching products to our client's needs, creating the perfect surveillance solution. We offer a wide range of night vision cameras, wide dynamic range cameras, PTZ cameras, and many more.

Employee theft prevention, hidden camera, spy camera, surveillance systems for businesses.

Don’t be Exploited

In the black and white western movies of the past it was easy to recognize the bad guys as they robbed the train, but in today’s security camera market no one can see the bad guys as they sweep the Internet for their intended prey.

These criminals are invisible to the casual user until they steal your identity via network bots. Then it’s too late and life has become exceedingly difficult. Your identity has been taken and the fall out is never ending.

With a new breed of Internet device search engines like Shodan, any item connected to the Internet shows up with its IP address and device name in plain view like a large wagon train travelling through a prairie. The usual strategy of security through obscurity is no longer helpful due to the sheer number of hackers looking for trouble.

You see, in dark hacker spaces throughout the world many discussions center on the lack of real world security used by IoT manufacturers and connected products like security cameras and recorders. These days the press has picked up on the almost serial nature of these known exploits and enjoys publishing reports of the continuing computer carnage.

Many do not realize at all that If they were to monitor their Internet connected network they could see in real-time the numerous attempts being made to hack into their computer systems on an hourly basis. Many of these ne’er-do-wells have written automated bots that scan and attack for these known exploits. So as fast as someone repairs a surveillance system, the bot can once again hack and corrupt these camera recorders and cause hundreds of wasted hours for integration companies and the like. In some cases, new firmware updates can help, but there is a lag between the time that an exploit is made public and the release of new firmware.

What multiplies the risk even further is that now each home and business has a plethora of connected devices from lighting systems to locks that rely on the Internet. Each device is itself a computer server, and each product has the potential to become a platform for hackers to commandeer. Once they have penetrated a system, they can camp out and use it to further exploit your data and cause harm.

When hackers get a foothold on your network, they can access everything on the network – every packet, every letter of every email. They can also modify your modem/router and send you to their version of Facebook or your favorite bank. Every piece of personal information can be taken by controlling your domain name server and it will all happen without any obvious indication that your router is compromised.

There is hope, however, when it comes to stopping this growing threat. New intrusion detection devices that come combined with a real-time firewall monitoring are beginning to come to the rescue. One product I have been putting through the paces is called FireFX Network Guardian.

The Network Guardian is a firewall appliance that is meant to be placed behind a standard cable modem/router. What makes this new class of Firewall so compelling is that along with a small device the size of a four decks of cards there is a 24/7 monitoring service that keeps an ever-vigilant eye on your Internet connection. Intruders beware.

The gigabit speed FireFX becomes the new router for the LAN network inspecting and blocking all suspicious traffic. FireFX is a boon to AV and security integrators, since the product comes with a real-time monitoring service that manages to keep an eye on all Internet traffic coming from the Internet. No matter how many pesky bots try to scan and crack a network, the FireFX is always on duty. It’s like having a security guard watching your network 24/7. The FIreFX comes with all the advanced features other firewall products offer like VPN, detailed configurations menus, and VLANS galore. FireFX is built to handle large networks without any slowdown which is critical for large camera installations. When the next wave of exploits hit the press I won’t lose a second of sleep knowing that FireFX has my back.

-Brian Levy

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